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Month: November 2022

How Is Recurrence Treated?

If your mesothelioma recurs, your medical team will discuss the available range of treatment options for you. What treatment options exist for you depend on both cancer’s location and size as well as any treatments you have already received, and your general health. The various treatment options that might be recommended to you include radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. You review the available options with your ...

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How Do I Discuss Mesothelioma with Children?

Parents who are diagnosed with mesothelioma often have complex thoughts about how to best tell children that the parent has been diagnosed with mesothelioma. If a parent knows that they will not be around much longer, many understandably want to prepare their child for this loss. Sitting down with a child and engaging in these conversations is a particularly painful process, though. Despite how difficult ...

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Where Do I Turn for Support in Dealing with My Own Stress and Anxiety?

Coping with anxiety and stress brought on by a mesothelioma diagnosis is never easy. The first people that you will turn to will understandably be your family, but avoid selling your caregivers short on how much they can help you cope with these difficult feelings. Sometimes, your doctor might not be available, but a nurse practitioner can listen to your difficulties and offer you tips ...

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What Is Hospice?

The focus of hospice care should be to provide care to patients and their loved ones during the last few months of life. Hospice can provide both support and guidance and make sure that all of a person’s emotional and physical needs are satisfied. The treatment offered at hospices changes from that of either controlling or curing the illness to keeping the highest quality of ...

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What Are the Benefits of Exercise for Mesothelioma Patients?

You have been hearing for your whole life that a proper diet and regular physical exercise are good for you.  Some people make physical fitness a big part of their identity; if you doubt this, look at the multibillion-dollar industry dedicated to nutritional supplements, exercise equipment, and gym memberships.  Meanwhile, if you need to improve your fitness level, it can be hard to get started.  ...

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