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Month: August 2022

How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

The time that cancer treatment takes can seem to go very slowly. Not only do some people receiving radiation and other cancer treatments have to deal with physical pain, people during this experience often commonly end up facing depression, anxiety, and a range of other difficult emotions. As a result, it’s common to wonder exactly how long radiation treatment will end up taking. The short ...

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What Are the Standard Treatment Options for Mesothelioma?

After someone comes to terms with a mesothelioma diagnosis, one of the first questions that the individual asks is what treatment options are standard for mesothelioma. Chemotherapy has been utilized over the years to reduce the size of cancerous tumors in a person’s body. The difficulty with older chemotherapy medications is that they did not work nearly as well as the medication that people use ...

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How Does Radiation Work?

Radiation therapy relies on high-energy rays to terminate cancer cells. Medical professionals first learned that they could utilize radiation (x-rays) to help discover what was inside of the human body. Shortly after, medical professionals learned that these rays could be utilized to treat disease too. These rays are aimed in a focused manner at tumors for short periods and cause injuries to cancer cells. This ...

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What is a Dose of Radiation and How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The radiation treatment plan that is best for you depends on the kind of procedure that you will have as well as countless other factors including your health, your test results, and the existence of any other treatments you currently are receiving. The Varieties of External-Beam Radiation Therapy  External-beam radiation is the most popular kind of radiation treatment. This method transmits radiation to a person’s ...

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What Equipment Is Used to Deliver Radiation?

If you’re treated with radiation, the kind of radiation you will likely receive is called external beam (EB) radiation. Various pieces of equipment perform the important task of delivering this type of radiation to the cancer. Radiation therapy (RT) utilizes a machine to focus rays of high energy on the cancerous mass. EB RT emanates from equipment that focuses radiation at the cancerous location in ...

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What is Radiation Therapy

A type of cancer treatment, radiation therapy utilizes x-rays or other kinds of high-energy particles to eliminate cancer cells. Medical doctors who focus on using Radiation therapy to combat cancer are called radiation oncologists. A radiation therapy schedule often includes a certain course of treatments that are applied over a time frame Radiation therapy can address a wide range of cancers. Radiation therapy also can ...

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What Should I Expect Following My Surgery?  What Are the Common Complications of Surgery for Mesothelioma?

Anyone who has had cancer can tell you that cancer treatment is a full-time job.  Even the tests to diagnose cancer are not painless.  In order to get rid of the entire tumor and any possible cancer cells that may have spread, oncologists often prescribe a course of treatment that includes surgery plus chemotherapy or radiation.  Since pleural mesothelioma affects the linings of the lungs ...

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What is Performance Status, and Why Is It Important?

When you have mesothelioma or another cancer related to asbestos exposure, you will be receiving treatment and care from multiple health care providers. Different types of specialists may be involved in your care, in addition to other types of healthcare providers such as nurses, hospitals, and other facilities. When a mesothelioma patient is receiving care and health care providers want to be able to have ...

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What are the Common Side Effects of Chemotherapy?

A person can experience a wide range of side effects associated with chemotherapy. You might know of other individuals receiving treatment or who have previously received treatment. Unless a person has a positive chemotherapy experience, you should do your best to ignore their version of things. Understand that chemotherapy is a necessary process that helps you be successful in battling cancer. Each medication has various ...

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