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What Can I Do to Prevent or Relieve Constipation

Constipation is a common side effect that happens when people are taking certain pain medications or undergoing chemotherapy treatment. A factor that contributes to this element is if you are less active and perhaps do not eat as well as you regularly would. It’s critical to drink an adequate amount of fluids as well as to take in a high-fiber diet including nuts, vegetables, fruits,...

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What Can I Do to Relieve My Pain?

People with mesothelioma sometimes experience pain and we currently have various new types of medications that can reduce the degree of pain that a person experiences. The Types of Pain Pain is classified as acute which means that it comes on suddenly and ends in a short period or chronic pain that lasts for months or even years and requires adequate management as changes in...

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What Can I Do About Shortness of Breath?

Shortness of breath (SOB) is a common type of mesothelioma. An individual experiences shortness of breath when the tissues located in that person’s body require more oxygen to sufficiently function. The requirement for oxygen leads to an individual experiencing the need to breathe faster which can result in anxiety. What Shortness of Breath Means Sometimes referred to as breathlessness or dyspnea, shortness of breath is...

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Why Am I Always Tired? What Can I Do for Fatigue? Will the Fatigue Go Away After My Treatment Is Over? Could I Be Depressed?

When you ask people how they are doing, once you get past the pleasantries, most people will tell you that they are tired.  No matter your age, it has probably been years since you met someone who truly felt well-rested.  Children and teenagers are tired because of school days that start early in the morning and evenings and weekends taken up with extracurricular activities.  Parents...

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What If My Disease Has Remained Stable During Treatment?

Almost every piece of news you hear about your health after a cancer diagnosis or during treatment opens up a new world of uncertainty.  The results of tests, whether they are bloodwork or imaging scans are rarely a simple “yes” or “no;” rather they are points on an ever-expanding flowchart of possibilities.  Every result is some combination of “you still have cancer” and “you are...

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